Remodeling a home built prior to 1978?
  • Hire a State Certified Lead Contractor to reduce the lead hazards in your home and yard. Contact Nevada County Environmental Health at 530-265-1222, option 3 to see if a permit is required. 
  • If you plan to repaint or remodel your home, hire a State-certified lead contractor if you are removing lead. 
  • If you are remodeling your pre-1978 home then verify your contractor has a Repair, Repaint, and Remodel Certification on their contractor’s license. 
  • If you plan to do the work yourself, review the EPA's lead-safe certified guide to renovate right.
  • Lead safe work practices are required. - NOT SURE WHAT TO LINK TO.... it looks like this maybe? ... I switched the two links and moved the renovate one up b/c it made more sense... HELP!!!

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