What is considered an organized camp?

A site with a program and facilities established for the primary purpose of providing an outdoor group living experience with social, spiritual, educational, or recreational objectives, for five (5) days or more during one or more seasons of the year. The following criteria apply to the definition of an organized camp:

  • Located on a permanent site.
  • Has a well-defined program of organized and supervised activities in which campers are required to
  • participate.
  • A qualified program director and staff, adequate to carry out the program, are present at the camp.
  • A major portion of daily program activities are outdoors.

Note: Does not include a motel, tourist camp, trailer park, resort, hunting camp, auto court, labor camp, penal or correctional camp and does not include a child care institution or home-finding agency. The definition of an organized camp does not allow the renting or leasing of facilities by an individual, family, or group for the principal purpose of sporting or other unorganized recreational activities. 

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