About former Sheriff Wayne Brown

Moved to Penn Valley as a kid

Was awarded a football scholarship to St. Edwards College in Texas - The Union, May 2005

Served in the U.S. Army Air Corps - The Union, May 2005

An 8-time Sheriff, 32 total years from 1950 - 1982

Started with 6 deputies, 1 of whom worked in Truckee. The department grew tenfold while he was in office. 

Involved in many community activities, joining the Masonic Lodge, Scottish Rite, the Shriners, Grass Valley Native Sons, Grass Valley Elks, the state Sheriff's Association, and orchestrating large picnics. - The Union, May 2005

He passed away in 2000

"Touched the lives of many, embodying the compassion, tenacity and dedication expected of the county's top law-enforcer" - The Union, May 2005

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1. About former Sheriff Wayne Brown