How many nomination signatures do I need?

It depends. The number of signatures required varies depending on the office sought. We will provide information about the number of signatures needed for nomination in the Candidate Handbook that we publish ahead of every election. 

You must gather signatures from voters of the district you are running in; if the office is countywide, then you may gather signatures from any registered voter of the county. If the office you are running for is party-specific, you must collect signatures from members of your party. Each signature is checked against the voter’s registration information.

You must gather the minimum number of valid signatures required for nomination. Our office will accept no more than the maximum number of signatures allowed. If a voter signs nomination petitions for more candidates than there are offices to be filled, the signatures are counted only on those nomination papers which, taken in the order filed, do not exceed the number of offices to be filled. You will be notified immediately if there are any irregularities or if you are disqualified. 

Signatures on the Petition In-Lieu of Filing Fee may applied toward your nomination, but you must let us know ahead of time that that is your intent.

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