How to citizens get involved? What are the public notice requirements?

The heart of CEQA is public disclosure. Public review is considered one of the most important parts of the CEQA process and is required under CEQA.

  • The County is required to mail notices to the property owner of all properties which are located within 300 feet or 500 feet of the project site, depending on the parcel size.
  • In addition, notice is published in a newspaper of general circulation and posted with the County Clerk Recorder’s office and on the County’s website.
  • The County also mails notices to organizations and individuals who have previously requested such notice in writing.
  • The notice of public hearing also specifies the environmental document type.
  • Anyone can and is encouraged to comment upon the adequacy of environmental documents.
  • For projects with the potential to cause serious environmental impacts, an agency is required to respond in writing to public concerns.
  • The public review period for Negative Declarations and Mitigated Negative Declarations is 20-30 days depending upon the project.
  • The review period for an EIR ranges from 30-60 days again depending upon project characteristics. For example, if an EIR requires review by state agencies, the review period will be at least 45 days.
  • Public notices specify due dates for comments for each project.

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