Is there a local wildfire task force?

The Nevada County Office of Emergency Service coordinates several local emergency related tasks forces that address wildfire issues.  The Nevada County Emergency Service Council, required by County code, is comprised of local first responders, public health, and emergency related non-profits.  The Council is chaired by a BOS member typically meets quarterly.    A special cohort group meets bimonthly and focusses solely on public safety in the Yuba River canyon.  This group is co-chaired by two BOS members and includes members from State Parks, Fire, Sheriff, OES, BLM, US Forest Services, and nonprofits.  The local fire chiefs including CAL FIRE conduct a monthly “chief’s” meeting; OES, City Police, Sheriff, CHP, and other related agencies attend as well.   

Starting in January 2019, OES facilitates the Ready Nevada County wildfire stakeholders group that meets quarterly.  This is a countywide group of 35+ local agencies with a shared mission of wildfire prevention and preparedness. Over 70+ people from the various agencies attended each meeting where CAL FIRE, OES, local Fire, Sheriff, and local non-profits share and hear about current grant opportunities, projects, and efforts; all with the goal to further coordinate local projects, communications, and resources.  An online group site was implemented to further foster regular stakeholder communications, document sharing, and event coordination.  To date, over 100 stakeholders are registered on the site.   

The Firesafe Council (FSC) of Nevada County is a local nonprofit with the sole mission to address local wildfire threats and advocate for wildfire preparedness.  This group leads the collaborative development of the western county wildfire prevention plan (CWPP).  The County is a major funder of the Fire Safe Council and has a Board of Supervisors member on their Board of Directors.  The County works closely with the FSC on wildfire related grants, projects and strategies.

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