What has been the County’s community outreach effort?

The Office of Emergency Services is currently conducting a broad public education and preparedness campaign branded “Ready Nevada County”.   A professional media expert was hired to coordinate activities and produce content.  OES staff have participated on numerous local radio show segments, attended dozens of public meetings with neighborhood associations, service groups, and public agencies.  Social media, local radio, local websites, and local print media have all run numerous information articles and stories on the County’s PR efforts and messages.  The County mailed a Ready, Set, Go wildfire home and family preparedness brochure to every household in western Nevada County and the Soda Springs area in May. A new website was created and launched at www.ReadyNevadaCounty.org. OES conducted two town hall wildfire education meetings, one western and one in eastern county; each had overflow 400+ people in attendance.  OES conducted a community showing of wildfire films and a wildfire expert panel discussion at the Nevada Theater with over 300 people in attendance.  OES produced a four series public wildfire public education series held at the Rood Center, each had standing room only crowds with the fourth event scheduled in June.  These townhall and public events were all live streamed on the Internet and local cable TV and are available for on demand video viewing from the County and Nevada County Media’s websites.  OES via Ready Nevada County, Miners Foundry Cultural Center, and Nevada City First Friday Art Walk joined forces for a summer-long series of Ready, Set, Go Mixers in Nevada City, June 7, July 5, August 2, 5:00-9:00 P.M. Nevada County Media developed a video segment PSA that Sierra Theaters will start airing for the summer at every movie showing.  The annual wild fire guide produced in collaboration with the Fire Safe Council and local Fire was printed in The Union newspaper in May.   On May 4th, the annual Wildfire safety day was held at the Rood Center seeing 70+ vendor booths and agencies and hundreds of residents in attendance. Numerous other actives are currently in process and planned for the year.

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13. What has been the County’s community outreach effort?
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