What is the Park Facility Impact Fee Nexus Study?

The County collects two types of fees for parks and recreation (AB1600 fees & Quimby fees) on new development to mitigate its impact on the need for new park facilities - the more people, the more parks needed. The fees are then provided to five Recreation Benefit Zones across Western Nevada County. EPS is conducting a Nexus Study to update the fees that were last updated in 1997. EPS's objective is to identify what the maximum allowable fee that the County can charge; however, the Nevada County Board of Supervisors is responsible for establishing the fee amount and can choose any fee amount up to the maximum allowable fee determined by the Nexus Study.

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1. Who is Economic Plannning Systems, Inc. (EPS)?
2. What is the Park Facility Impact Fee Nexus Study?
3. What is the Western County Park District Consolidation/Reorganization Feasibility Study?
4. What is a Development Imapct Fee?
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7. Why is the County evaluating the feasibility of consolidating Park Districts?
8. Would all Western County Districts have to consolidate?
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