How often do you check gas stations and fuel quality?

Gas stations are inspected every year. Gas stations that do not pass an initial inspection are placed on an increased frequency of inspection. Increased frequency of inspection can be every six months depending on the number of meters that failed on the first visit.  All visits are unannounced to verify the business practices being inspected are representative of standard operating procedure.

We check the quality of fuel at every station in the county. Each tank is tested for the presence of water. Samples of fuel are sent to the Division of Measurement Standards

Petroleum Lab for octane and quality analysis. Petroleum and automotive products must meet SAE and ASTM Standards.

Any meter or other commercial device found out of tolerance, or is overcharging the customer, is placed out of order (red tagged) until repaired by a certified device

repairman. After the device has been repaired, we recheck it to verify that it is in compliance.

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