Are abandoned/inoperative vehicles on my property a violation?

Vehicles on private property that are abandoned, inoperative, wrecked or dismantled are a violation of the Land Use and Development Code of Nevada County. In response to written complaints, a Code Officer will visit the property in question and determine if the vehicles located there meet the criteria of abandoned, wrecked, dismantled or inoperative. You will be asked to remove, conceal, or make operative each vehicle found to be in violation. The size and characteristics of your property can also dictate the form of remedy.


You can request a hearing before the County Zoning Administrator prior to any action if you wish to contest the County’s decision that the vehicles are a nuisance. If all else fails, an abatement order will be sought from the Court to remove vehicles that remain in violation. Cooperation in resolving these matters is always the desired course of action.

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