Are there any plans to further expand VA’s health care benefits?

On November 30, 1999, the President signed Public Law 106-117, the Veterans Millennium Health Care and Benefits Act. This legislation authorizes VA to expand long-term care services and to reimburse for the emergency treatment of certain enrolled veterans. The law also requires VA enroll veterans awarded the Purple Heart into Priority Group Three. VA is currently in the process of drafting regulations required to implement these new authorities. For specifics, contact the Health Benefits Service Center at 877-222-8387.

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1. If I am enrolled with VA, what benefits will I receive?
2. If I am enrolled, what cost will there be for me?
3. s this an insurance policy or an HMO?
4. Are there any restrictions on getting care in private facilities at VA expense?
5. Will VA pay for care in private facilities?
6. What is the coverage for emergency services?
7. What if I get sick while on travel?
8. If enrolled, can I get dental care?
9. Will VA take care of my nursing home needs?
10. Will VA provide hearing aids and eyeglasses?
11. What kinds of maternity services are available?
12. Are there any limits on days of hospital care or outpatient visits VA will provide?
13. Are there any plans to further expand VA’s health care benefits?