What is a legal lot?

A lot is a legal lot when created in compliance with the State Subdivision Map Act and the Nevada County Subdivision Ordinance. In general, a legal lot is either a lot whose creation was reviewed and approved by Nevada County under the regulations in effect at the time of its creation or a lot which was created through separate conveyance before such a division was regulated, into four or fewer new lots before March 4, 1972. Lots that are shown on a recorded final map, parcel map, or official map are generally considered legal lots.

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1. What is a lot?
2. How are lots created?
3. What is a legal lot?
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11. Why didn't the title company tell me my lot was illegal?
12. The person who sold it to me is the one who broke the law; what can be done about this?
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14. Must I file for a conditional certificate of compliance now?
15. What can a buyer do to avoid acquiring an illegal lot?
16. Whom should I contact on these matters?