What should I expect in the first appointment?
You will talk with a therapist privately about your concerns. The therapist will ask you some questions about you and child’s personal history and about your family. The therapist and you will fill out some paperwork. If you brought the child to your first appointment, the therapist will meet with you and the child and then the child alone. Usually further appointments are scheduled. Contact us at 530-265-1437.

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1. How do I get help for my child?
2. Where are your offices?
3. I am worried that my child is using drugs or is drinking alcohol. Can you help me with this?
4. What should I expect in the first appointment?
5. Will I be included in the treatment of my child?
6. Do you speak Spanish?
7. How do I pay for these services?
8. What ages of children do you treat?
9. How can I get my child to see a Child Psychiatrist?