How would someone apply for the Cremation Program?
They must complete an application and call our offices to schedule an appointment. They must bring to the appointment a completed application, picture identification for all adult household and Next of Kin members, social security cards, bank statements for the past 2 months and verification of income for the past two months for all household members and Next of Kin. For more information please call 530-265-1471.

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1. Who is responsible for the cost of burial or cremation?
2. Who qualifies for the County Low Income Assistance Cremation Program?
3. How would someone apply for the Cremation Program?
4. Does the County help with Cremation services?
5. Can another Cremation Assistance program be used with the County's program?
6. Can the person making the funeral arrangements come into the office with a signed contract (from a Funeral Home)?
7. If funeral services are more than what the County will pay, can I pay the difference?
8. Can I go to any Funeral Home to receive the assistance?