How has the County included residents in the conversation around emergency services priorities?

County staff have been meeting with residents to learn more about their safety concerns and emergency services priorities. 

Firewise groups included Darkhorse, Greenhorn, Lake Vera/Round Mountain, Lake Wildwood, Upper Rough and Ready, Scott’s Flat Pines Road, You Bet, and the larger Nevada County Coalition of Firewise Communities. 

Homeowner and neighborhood groups included Ananda, Cascade Shores, Forest Springs Mobile Home Park, Friends of Banner Mountain, Lake of the Pines Association, Ponderosa Pines, and Rattlesnake Ridge. 

Business groups included the Grass Valley Chamber of Commerce / Grass Valley Downtown Association, Nevada City Chamber of Commerce, and Economic Resource Council Executive Committee. 

Other entities included the Nevada City Fire Advisory Committee, Firesafe Council Board, Tahoe Truckee Community Foundation staff, Grass Valley Rotary, Penn Valley MAC, Penn Valley Rotary, Nevada County Contractors’ Association, and Yuba River Public Safety Cohort. 

Staff tabled at numerous community events where attendees were asked to take the “Ready Nevada County: Preparing for the Future” survey, including the Children's Health & Safety & Wildfire Preparedness Carnival, Earth Fest, Grass Valley Thursday Night Market, Home and Garden Show at the Nevada County Fairgrounds, Lake Wildwood Firewise Festival, Nevada City 4th of July Parade, Nevada City First Friday Art Walks, and Nevada City Summer Nights. 

Staff solicited resident opinions at neighborhood meetings, while tabling at community events, and through a brief online feedback tool at As of August 5, 2022, 1015 respondents indicated a strong preference for 1) Prevent wildfires, 2) Reduce flammable brush countywide, and 3) Improve emergency evacuation routes.

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1. What is Ready Nevada County: Preparing for the Future all about?
2. What community priorities have we heard so far?
3. What public safety needs must be addressed?
4. What about illegal camping and campfires?
5. Why do you want my feedback?
6. Why is the County proposing a tax measure now?
7. Why is additional funding needed? Hasn’t Nevada County been successful in millions of dollars of grant and congressional funding for these projects in our community?
8. Why is the County trying to raise our taxes?
9. Why are you trying to raise taxes when inflation is already making it difficult to afford essentials like food and gas?
10. How will a ½ cent sales tax impact my budget?
11. Why can’t the County live within its means like the rest of us?
12. What kinds of projects and services would the tax measure fund?
13. How will you choose which projects to fund? Will the tax measure fund projects in my neighborhood?
14. How will residents know that tax funds are being used appropriately?
15. Why is the County proposing a general sales tax and not a special purpose parcel tax?
16. What has the County done to get input from stakeholders like the cities or town? Were fire officials involved in these conversations?
17. How has the County included residents in the conversation around emergency services priorities?