What is allowed regarding gates for my enclosure?

 Gates and doors shall be equipped with self-closing and self-latching devices. The self-latching device shall be designed to keep the gate or door securely closed. Gates and doors shall open outward away from the pool except where otherwise prohibited by law. Hand-activated door or gate opening hardware shall be located at least 3 ½ feet above the deck or walkway. EXCEPTION: Doors leading from areas of hotels and motels, as defined in the Business and Professions Code Section 25503.16(b), which are open to the general public, e.g., restaurants, lobbies, bars, meeting rooms, and retail shops need not be self-latching. 

 Gates and doors shall be capable of being locked during times when the pool is closed. 

 The pool enclosure shall have at least one means of egress without a key for emergency purposes. Unless all gates or doors are so equipped, those gates and/or doors that will allow egress without a key shall be clearly and conspicuously labeled in letters at least 4-inches high “EMERGENCY EXIT”. 

 The enclosure shall be designed and constructed so that all persons will be required to pass through common pool enclosure gates or doors in order to gain access to the pool area. All gates and doors exiting the pool area shall open into a public area or walkway accessible by all patrons of the pool. 

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