Booking Requests & Liability

Booking Requests

Booking requests may be made online or by telephone. Bookings are received no more than 2 years in advance. Your reservation is not secured until the signed contract and half the rental fee is received by the county.


The premises shall be used for the named event and for no other purpose without the consent of the County in writing, and Renter agrees to comply with all Ordinances, Statutes, and Rules and Regulations applicable to the conduct or operation of the activities of Renter herein permitted to be conducted. Renter agrees to limit attendance at said event to no more than room capacity.

Renter shall not permit the use of any pyrotechnic device and/or any device with an open flame without prior written permission from the County of Nevada Facilities Program Manager and City of Grass Valley Fire Marshal approval. Renter shall not permit any breach of the peace or any unlawful act or omission by any person. Renter shall further comply with the following special provisions: Copy of approvals or sign-off from local jurisdictions.