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Candidate Statement of Qualifications

If a candidate wishes to have a Candidate Statement of Qualifications appear in Spanish as well as English, charges will be doubled. In addition, the candidate must pay for the translation (approximately $100 by a certified Spanish language translator retained by the company that prints Nevada County’s ballots.

The Candidate Statement of Qualifications, published in the Sample Ballot Booklet, is optional and is left entirely to candidates to determine if they wish to have one. The statement may include a candidate’s age, occupation and a brief description of the candidate (no mention of other candidates is allowed). The Statement of Qualifications must be filed at the same time the Declaration of Candidacy is filed. No reference to political party affiliation or any mention of political party membership or activity is permitted.

Withdrawal & Filing

A Candidate Statement of Qualifications may be withdrawn, but not changed, during the period for filing Nomination Documents and until 5 p.m. of the next working day after the close of the nomination period. Statements are confidential until after the close of the nomination period. Copies of all Candidate Statements of Qualifications will be available for public inspection at the Elections Office after the expiration of the filing deadline. (EC Sec. 13311)

Statements of Qualifications must be filed no later than 5 p.m. on the last day of the nomination period. Statements must be filed at the time Nomination Documents are filed.

Format & Appearance

The statement of each candidate shall be printed in type of uniform size and darkness, and with uniform spacing. (EC13307 (b) ) All statements will be set in a left-justified format, so as to fit within a 1/4 page space (for a 200 word statement). Entire statements in all capital letters, multiple indentations, circles, or arrows cannot be accommodated. Generally, any characters that can be produced from a standard keyboard are acceptable (i.e., !, @, *, -, ( ), %, #), however, no paragraph or sentence shall be started with a number or any punctuation mark.

Because the Elections Code mandates that all statements must be uniform, bold, capitalized and Underlined words are not acceptable. Indentations or multiple underscoring will not be allowed. Items in a list will not be allowed unless the list is in the form of a paragraph. All statements should be checked by the candidate for spelling, punctuation and grammar. The county elections official will not edit any material to correct mistakes. Statements with spelling, punctuation and grammatical errors will be printed exactly as submitted.

Nothing in the foregoing shall be deemed to make any such statement or the authors thereof free or exempt from any civil or criminal action or penalty because of any false, slanderous or libelous statements offered for printing or contained in the Sample Ballot Booklet. Name, age, and Occupation (located at the top of the form) are not counted, only the text of the Candidate Statement. Age and Occupation information is optional.

State Elections Code intends for uniformity of appearance of the Candidates’ Statements. By preparing your statement in accordance with the above guidelines, each statement will be uniformly printed and allowed the same amount of space in the Sample Ballot Booklet. This avoids favored composition or printing of one Candidate Statement of Qualifications over another.

Getting Help

Note: It is the responsibility of the candidate, if he/she has any questions concerning the guidelines for filing a Candidate Statement of Qualifications, to request help or clarification. If a Candidate Statement of Qualifications is submitted and found not to be in compliance with these guidelines, the County Clerk will make the necessary changes to bring the statement into compliance--but the County Clerk will not correct spelling or grammatical errors.