Public Hearings


Board of Supervisors' public hearing notices are posted on bulletin boards at least 10 days in advance of the public hearing at the following locations at the Eric Rood Administrative Center:

  • Outside the Board office
  • Outside the Board Chambers

Public hearing notices are also published in local newspapers in advance of the hearings as required by state statutes and regulations according to the type of public hearing being held.

Official Public Hearing Notices

Official public hearing notices are posted on the website as they become available. The time may vary according to the type of hearing being held and will normally range between 10 and 45 days prior to the hearing date. 

Closed Public Hearings

Whenever a public hearing has been conducted at a prior session of the Board and the public hearing has been closed, and the matter is continued to a subsequent meeting for Board deliberation and/or action, the Board shall not allow public testimony on the item provided, however, the Board may, in its sole discretion, elect to continue the matter and reopen the public hearing, following appropriate notice. (Res. 94-313)

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Document Notice

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