Alcohol & Other Drug Use Prevention

What We Do

Our mission is to reduce alcohol and other drug use and related problems among youth and adults by providing leadership and coordination to engage and support environmental change in our community.

Our Work

Nevada County Public Health’s Alcohol and Other Drug (AOD) Prevention program houses school- and community-based programs aimed at building partnerships for positive and healthy community development to engage individuals as resources in their community. We offer services aimed to promote positive emotional health and well-being and prevent the use and abuse of alcohol and other drugs.

Our AOD program designs our programs and interventions to respond to the landscape of our community. Do do that, we use local, statewide and national data to drive our program planning. For example, the AOD Strategic Plan includes an extensive data and assessment section, summarized here.

Please visit the Teen and young adult specific resources webpage for prevention created for this audience.

If you are looking for treatment or counseling options, please visit Behavioral Health.

To help prevent accidental overdose in Nevada County, Public Health offers FREE Naloxone/Narcan and FREE Fentanyl testing strips.   

Public Health has helped create ways to dispose of unneeded prescription drugs in the community.  Please check out the Prescription Drug Take-Back options in Nevada County!