Communicable Disease Control Reporting

24/7 Communicable Disease Reporting For Clinicians

The Division of Communicable Disease Control & Prevention responds to reports of communicable diseases in Nevada County. Physicians and health care providers are legally required by Title 17 of the California Code of Regulations to report suspected, lab-confirmed, and clinical diagnoses of specific diseases and conditions within specified time frames to the client’s county of residence.

Reportable Diseases and Conditions

List of legally reportable diseases and conditions

Reporting Forms

Confidential Morbidity Report (CMR) forms are for provider use to assist in reporting communicable diseases.

All Diseases other than HIV, TB and DMV

All reportable diseases except TB and DMV Confidential Morbidity Report - CDPH 110a (PDF)



Only use this form when reporting COVID-19 Confidential Morbidity Report - CDPH 110d (PDF)



Only use this form when reporting Tuberculosis (TB) Confidential Morbidity Report - TB - CDPH 110b (PDF)

Use this form when discharging a TB patient from the hospital. 

GOTCH Instructions-Discharge of TB Patient (PDF)

GOTCH Tuberculosis Discharge Plan (PDF)

Lapse of Consciousness (DMV)

Use this form for reporting lapses of consciousness, Alzheimer's disease or other conditions which may impair the ability to operate a motor vehicle safely (pursuant to H and S 103900)  Confidential Morbidity Report - DMV - CDPH 110c (PDF)  


Download the Severe Influenza Reporting Form (PDF).

All Other Diseases

Other Communicable Disease Control Forms


Complete List

A complete list of reportable diseases for CMR reporting for download: Reportable Diseases and Conditions (PDF).