Ananda Village Master Plan

Proposed Update

Application for a proposed update to the 1990 Ananda Village Master Plan.  The new application includes:
  1. A Rezone (Z15-001) to alter the boundaries of the existing Rajarshi Park PD-SP zone to fit the existing disturbed area and to correct a zoning map error in the location and size of the zoning boundaries; to alter the boundaries of the existing Village Center C1-PD-SP zone to correct a zoning map error in location, size, and configuration of the zoning area; and to rezone 1.16 acres of AG-PD-SP zoning to PD-SP adjacent to the Village Center.
  2. A Development Agreement (MIS16-0009) proposing an extended development timeline of up to 15 years with the potential for two 5-year extensions, phasing flexibility, customized sewage disposal inspection, and a customized administrative review process for subsequent development.
  3. A Use Permit for a Comprehensive Master Plan (U15-002) to allow the following, with attendant road and infrastructure improvements:
    • Increase the residential cap from 87 units to the General Plan maximum density of 195 units within 8 existing clusters and up to 9 new clusters.
    • Add new non-residential uses within the Village Center (1680-square foot maintenance building, 1,156-square foot vehicle repair shop, 1,500-square foot office building, 864-square foot fire engine garage, and 536-square foot market kitchen remodel/expansion), Rajarshi Business Park (4,800-square foot office/warehouse building), Expanding Light Retreat Center (11,000-square foot temple, 4,300-square foot yoga hall and offices, 1,000-square foot yoga classroom/hall, 1,200-square foot dormitory lodge, 1,500-square foot administrative office, 20 guest tent platforms/tent cabins totaling 3,000-square feet, 2 shower hours totaling 1,000-square feet, 4 guest houses totaling 4,800-square feet, RV camping, 2,826-square foot dining pavilion, and 700-square foot memorial area/pergola).
    • Allow events which have been ongoing within the Village Center (annual Harvest Festival, Halloween event, and Fourth of July event), Expanding Light Retreat Center (classes, concerts, lectures, dramatic performances, and Sunday services), amphitheater (concerts, lectures dramatic performances, and Sunday services), and Crystal Hermitage (weddings, wedding receptions, and tulip garden open house).
  4. Petition for Exceptions (MI05-005) to the Nevada County Road Standards to allow a 100-foot section of the proposed extension of Village Drive to exceed the 16% standard, up to 18% road grade.
  5.  Wetland Habitat Management Plan (MGT15-004) for the potential impacts to the on site wetland areas.
  6. Oak Habitat Management Plan (MGT15-004) for the potential impacts to the oak woodlands areas.
  7. Steep Slopes Management Plan (MGT17-0004) for impacts to slopes over 30% for the construction an approximately 400-foot section of Brindaban Way to access Cluster M.
  8. Lot Line Adjustments (LLA16-0008, LLA16-0014) (two non-concurrent) to reconfigure parcel boundaries to meet applicable building setbacks and site development standards for individual lots.
The project also includes a Fire Protection Plan. A Forest Management Plan has been prepared and is in use for Ananda Village.


An Inital Study was circulated from March 13 to April 11, 2017. The County anticipates adopting a Mitigated Negative Declaration for the project because all impacts can be mitigated to a level that is less than significant. The project is scheduled for  a hearing before the Planning Commission on April 27, 2017 at 1:45 pm in the Nevada County Board of Supervisors Chambers at 950 Maidu Avenue. The Planning Commission will consider the environmental actions and project actions. Legislative actions (the Development Agreement and Zoning Map Amendments) will be heard by the Board of Supervisors following the Planning Commission's decisions and recommendations on the other project components. The staff report can be viewed by clicking on the links below.

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