Mapping Service Providers

Private Individuals & Companies Available

If you need specific data analysis performed, or a map made that is not included on the frequently requested maps page, here is a list of mapping service providers who might be able to assist you. These service providers are private individuals or companies that have expressed interest in fulfilling county related mapping needs. This list is provided as a convenience. It does not constitute an endorsement, recommendation, or preference among these contractors or consultants.

Mapping service providers are listed in alphabetical order by last name:
  1. ASM Affilates

    Email ASM Affiliates

    ASM Affilates
    Phone Number: 916-619-7119
    Company Website
  1. Kasey Allen

    Email Kasey Allen

    KBA Geography
    Phone Number: 530-321-5345
  1. Tom Amesbury

    Email Tom Amesbury

    Forester's Co-op
    Phone Number: 530-273-8326
    Company Website
  1. Matt Fremont

    Email Matt Fremont

    Fremont Environmental
    Phone Number: 916-817-0429
  1. Lisa Lackey

    Email Lisa Lackey

    Watershed GIS Services
    Phone Number: 530-401-8025
  1. Sandra Williamson

    Email Sandra Williamson

    Geocadd Aerial Surveys
    Phone Number: 510-796-8555
    Company Website

Get Added to Our Provider List

If you are a service provider, and would like to be included in this list, please send an email to us.

Enlist Our GIS Division

If your needs cannot be met by the service providers listed, and if current workload allows, it may be possible to enlist the help of the County GIS Division. See the GIS Fee Schedule page.