New Directions

New Directions supports client in a variety of ways throughout the week. They include:

Supportive Independent Living Program

Provides supported independent living services for participants who have chosen to live in an independent setting. Staff provides assistance and support in the areas of community integration, transportation, life style choices, connecting with community services, healthy meal planning and problem solving. A special arrangement with the landlord allows some clients with very poor rental history to still access housing. The program helps participants move toward independence and empowers them in their recovery.

Peer Support Training

This is a 6 to 10 month program where participants learn to help others using a curriculum of basic counseling skills, and often clients are in this program to learn the skills for themselves. They may or may not actually do peer counseling after completion of the program based on the level of functioning and ability. See other Peer Support Programs.

Moving On

This is a group counseling program for supporting individual goals for relapse prevention, employment and independent living.

Healthy Living

This is an educational group focusing on making healthy choices for independent living, coping skills, time management, social skills, budgeting, leisure and other areas.

Vocational Training

The Snack Shack Program is a member driven program, providing vocational skills and structure. Participants learn customer service skills and cash register skills. Peer Management opportunities are also available through this program.