Adult Mental Health Services


The Behavioral Health Department provides a wide variety of services to the public, particularly for Medi-Cal recipients and those with severe mental illness. These include Mental Health Services and Alcohol and Other Drug Services. County employees provide some services, while contracted individuals and organizations provide other services, with County monitoring. 

Informational materials on this website are also available in printed format by emailing or calling (530) 265-1437.

Service Range

This continuum of care ranges from acute inpatient to routine outpatient services, and includes medication services, psychotherapy, residential services, wellness and recovery, care management, long term institutional care and vocational services. Adult Services monitors the delivery of services to ensure that State standards are met for quality, timeliness and authorization.


There are two county clinics. The Western County Crown Point Facility in Grass Valley, and a Truckee clinic at the Joseph Government Center. Visit the Locations and Hours page for more information. Specific information and referral is accessible by phone:
  • Western County, Grass Valley: 530-265-1437
    Toll-free: 888-801-1437
    After hours 24 hour crisis line: 530-265-5811
    Toll-free: 888-801-1437
  • Truckee: 530-582-7803