Wayne Brown Correctional Facility (Jail) Sheriff Medical Cost

Did you receive a pink sheet when you were released from Wayne Brown Correctional Facility (County Jail)?


Please answer the following question: 

Did you receive medical treatment at either Sierra Nevada Memorial Hospital or Tahoe Forest Hospital prior to being booked in WBCF? 

  • If No, no further action is needed, thank you for addressing the notice! 
  • If Yes, you are required to contact the medical facility where you were treated directly* 

Sierra Nevada Memorial Hospital - 155 Glasson Way, Grass Valley (530) 274-6000 

Tahoe Forest Hospital - 10956 Donner Pass Rd, Truckee (530) 587-6011 

*If you fail to settle your debt with the hospital the Sheriff’s Department may be held responsible for paying the bill. If so, we will seek reimbursement from you via a referral to our outside Collections agency Professional Credit and may eventually seek a small claims judgment against you through the courts.  If you are unable to pay these fees you may reach out to 530-265-1266 to request a financial evaluation.