Nevada County Youth Commission

About the Commission

The Nevada County Youth Commission (NCYC) is a group of Nevada County Youth that either reside within Nevada County and/or students enrolled in a Nevada County school system, ages 14 to 19. Our mission statement is to identify, connect, and advocate for the issues facing Nevada County Youth. The purpose of the NCYC is to serve as a bridge between the youth and the Board of Supervisors, while advocating for Nevada County youth and providing recommendations to the Board of Supervisors to facilitate positive change.

Get Involved

We are now accepting applications for the  Nevada County Youth Commission. Learn more about the NCYC on our Committee, Board, and Commission information page or go straight to the Youth Commission application.

About the Founders

The Nevada County Youth Commission (NCYC) was created by fourteen youth interns of Nevada County, chosen to complete the mission of creating a Youth Commisssion for Nevada County. The Founders worked within subcommittees to complete bylaws, media, and rollout preparation. The Founders presented the commission idea to the Board of Supervisors on August 8th, and with its approval the Nevada County Youth Commission was thrown into action. 

The Founders: Lillian Boey, Shaun Chilton, Zuleyka Deniz, Ari Funk, Tommy Gruver, Alex Hubbert, Adam Lee, Daniel Malugani,  Justin Mettler, Hailey Metzger, Sam Ove, Anni Picken, Mackenzie Rist, Ahna Taliaferro-Watson

The Founders' Advisors: Jeff Dellis, Karyn Mueller