Emergency Alerts

Register for CodeRED Emergency Alerts

REGISTER (3) Opens in new windowCodeRED is an opt-in notification system used by the County of Nevada to notify residents in an emergency. These alerts may be received as text, email, landline, cell phone, and TTY. Message and data rates may apply to sent and/or received texts. Click the button to the right to begin the registration process.  

Need assistance registering? 
Contact 211 Connecting Point by dialing 2-1-1 or 1-833-342-5211.

Need assistance logging back into your account? 
Please contact the CodeRED Emergency Alert Customer Support team at crsupport@onsolve.com or 866-939-0911 x1, Monday-Friday 6 am-3 pm.

Notification Opt-out 
Have you moved away? Would you like to opt-out of notifications? Visit the Notification Opt-Out page to disenroll in CodeRED Emergency Alerts.

Add CodeRED to your contacts: 

  • Emergency calls will originate from (866) 419-5000. 
  • Non-emergency calls will originate from (855) 969-4636. 
  • Texts will originate from different numbers depending on the cellular service provider.  

CodeRED Emergency Alert Managed Account Overview

CodeRED Mobile Alert App Overview

Understand Nevada County Emergency Alerts

NOTE: CodeRED emergency alerts will not be sent for every fire in Nevada County. They are used when a fire is deemed a serious potential threat to life and property (WARNING) or an immediate threat to life (ORDER). The Nevada County Sheriff’s Office is charged with carrying out evacuations countywide. During an active incident, they are in close communication with fire personnel who are on scene. Many factors are considered when determining whether an evacuation WARNING or ORDER is issued such as the size of the fire, rate of spread, number of available suppression resources, wind, temperature, topography, and proximity to residences.

No Guarantee

Monitor local media too. Code Red emergency alerts only work when cell phone towers and telephone lines are working. There is no guarantee you will receive an alert during an emergency.