North San Juan Fire Suppression System Project

Meeting Packet for NSJ Church Board of Directors_10-28-22

Project Overview

The project will identify one location within the North San Juan area for placement of a fire suppression water storage tank. The overall project will include water supply lines, and fire hydrants, and will identify the limits of a fire protection district served by the fire suppression system. Nevada County will be working with the various fire protection agencies and public for the creation of this project.


Current Status

The project will likely be construction-ready in mid-2023.

In 2016, an initial engineering and feasibility study was conducted with funding from federal Community Development Block Grant funds. County Planning staff then conducted an initial study of the two recommended tank sites and prepared a draft Mitigated Negative Declaration under CEQA. In November 2021, the County engaged an engineering firm to conduct a follow-up study that will confirm the tank site location and pipeline layout, project costs, conduct a fee study and determine the boundaries of the zone of benefit, identify all easement needs, and prepare Plans, Specifications and Estimate (PS&E) documents.


The total project budget is $2.6 million, which will come from several sources. The project budget includes planning, design, environmental, rights of way, and construction. Funding will coe from a variety of sources. 

  • Federal funds awarded to Nevada County in the FY22 federal budget. Provided via the United States Department of Agriculture’s Rural Development Community Facilities Program. $350,000
  •  Nevada County’s matching funds for the above-mentioned federal funding award. Will come from the County’s TOT infrastructure funding.    
  • Combination of County's TOT infrastructure funding and state and federal grants                                                                        

Environmental Review

this project would reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Caltrans traffic data shows an average daily volume of 3,300 vehicles passing through the North San Juan area. Currently, North San Juan and San Juan Ridge residents must travel approximately 15-20 miles each way to services in Nevada City and Grass Valley. Installing this fire suppression system would make it possible to expand community services and commercial land uses in downtown North San Juan, which would reduce the number of vehicle miles driven by residents.

Contact Information 

Project Manager: Sarah Holyhead, Administrative Analyst II, County of Nevada Board of Supervisors, 530-265-7076

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