Local Traffic Mitigation Fee Program Project

Project Overview

The Local Traffic Mitigation Fee (LTMF) program, administered by the County, was updated in 2017 and includes a number of future improvement and safety projects. In addition to the Ridge Road/Rough and Ready Highway Improvement Project, future projects scheduled for construction outside this 5-year CIP may include:  

    Shoulder Widening and Safety Improvement Projects – Countywide.

    Roadway improvement projects- Countywide

The Mitigation Fee Act, also known as California Assembly Bill 1600 (AB 1600) or Government Code Section 66000 et seq., governs imposing development impact fees in California. The Mitigation Fee Act requires that all local agencies in California, including counties, follow basic principles when instituting impact fees as condition of new development.


Project scheduled for implementation in 2023-2024. 

Current State

This fiscal year, the Nevada County Transportation Commission (NCTC) is working on a regional traffic model update. Nevada County is updating the Local Traffic Mitigation Fee (LTMF) program, based upon the new traffic model. 


Funding will be sourced through Local Traffic Mitigation Fees (LTMF)

Environmental Review

Not applicable

Contact Information

Nevada County Public Works Department - Engineering Division

(530) 265-1411

Special Notices

No special notices at this time.