Transit Depot Slow Charger and On-Route Fast Charger Project


Project Overview

As the first step in transitioning the transit fleet to zero emissions, the Transit Department has purchased two Gillig 35’ battery electric buses. To allow charging of the electric buses, the County will install ChargePoint Express Plus plug-in chargers at the Nevada County Operations Center (NCOC) and InductEV inductive chargers at the Tinloy St. Transit Center.  and will provide plug-in charging for the initial two electric buses.  The NCOC Phase-1 project also installs infrastructure in the ground to allow for future charging expansion for up to 12 buses.


Phase-1 of the electric bus charging project at the NCOC will be constructed in Summer of 2023, while Phase-2 of the project at the Tinloy St. Transit Center is scheduled to be constructed in 2025 and will provide one contactless electric bus charger for en-route charging and infrastructure to allow the future installation of two additional inductive chargers.

Current Status

This project is still in planning and design stages. 


This project has been funded wholly or in part by the United States Environmental Protection Agency under assistance agreement number TA98T15301-0 to the California Air Resources Board.

Environmental Review

Environmental review is not required by the EPA

Contact Information 

Nevada County Department of Public Works - Engineering Division

(530) 265-1411

Special Notices

No notices at this time.