2023 Housing Ordinance Amendments PLN23-0059; ORD23-1

Document for Download: 2023 Ordinance Amendment Planning Commission Public Draft

Document for Download: Community Workshop Flyer

Please provide your comments in writing to the address listed below by 5:00 p.m. by June 9, 2023email is preferable.  

Project Background

On January 26, 2021, the Nevada County Board of Supervisors approved Resolution 21-018 to direct the Planning Department staff to apply for a Regional Early Action Planning (REAP) one-time grant funding to conduct planning activities that will focus on furthering Board Legislative Objectives to accelerate housing production.

In September 2021, the California Department of Housing and Community Development awarded Nevada County funding to support five projects, including two projects to update the Nevada County Land Use and Development Code (LUDC) to reduce barriers to housing production. Planning Department Staff have identified a number of areas where the LUDC could be amended to accelerate housing production and comply with recent changes to state housing, planning, and development laws:

  • Accessory Dwelling Units and Junior Accessory Dwelling Units: California Government Code Section 65852.2
  • Additional Housing Types0
  • Density Bonus: California Government Code Section 65915
  • Emergency Shelters Government Code Section 65583(a)(4)
  • Employee Housing: Health and Safety Code Sections 17021.5, 17021.6, and 17021.8
  • Housing Parking Minimum Requirements
  • Low-Barrier Navigation Centers: Government Code Section 65662
  • Minimum Parking Requirements Nearby Transit: Government Code Section 65863.2
  • Residential Care Facilities: Health and Safety Code Section 1568.0831
  • Residential Housing in Commercial Zones: Government Code Section 65852.24
  • Residential Minimum Density Standards
  • Senate Bill 9: Lot Splits and Second Dwellings: Government Code Section 65852.21 and 66411.7
  • Senior/Disabled Housing Requirements
  • Single-Room Occupancy Units: Government Code Section 65583(c)(1)
  • In-Home Family Daycares
  • Transitional and Supportive Housing: Government Code Section 65583(a)(5) and 65651
  • Unaccommodated Need for Housing Standards: Government Code 65583.2(i)
  • Technical Cleanup and Other Minor Changes