Nevada County is here to support you as your rebuild after a wildfire. While permits must be obtained where required, permit fees will be waived for 1 year from the date of a declared disaster. Before rebuilding may begin, the following steps must be completed. Contact the Building Department for assistance. 

Complete Property Cleanup

Once CalOES, or an approved alternate, has completed the hazardous waste and debris removal process, property owners will receive a Final Sign Off letter. 

Repair Damage to Wells

Before rebuilding can begin, documentation for damaged wells must be secured. Repair documentation may consist of a letter or invoice from a well drilling vendor that details repairs . Evaluations of the well shall be performed by a C-57 licensed well driller or licensed pump contractor.  

Submit Septic Evaluation

Submit a report for a full septic evaluation which includes an evaluation of the existing septic tank and leach lines and anything that was at or near the ground surface. This is to ensure that everything is working properly and that no missing or damaged observation ports, valve boxes, and risers are observed/present.  Evaluations of the septic system shall be performed by a qualified professional, a standard system can be inspected by a licensed and approved septic pumping company. Pretreatment and/or pressure-dosed septic systems are required to be inspected by a qualified and approved Certified System Service Provider (CSSP).

  • The size of the proposed home to be rebuilt will need to match the current systems permit and setbacks will need to be in compliance with the current code.
  • An On-Site Soil Evaluation (OSSE) will be required for sites that do not have septic records or that had soils work done prior to June of 1998. The OSSE would be to confirm a 100% repair area exist and for expansion if a larger home is being proposed for rebuilding.