Our History

The Sheriff’s Office itself has seen dramatic changes during its 170+ years of history. From the days of the single Sheriff aided only by a jailer, our County is now served by 70 sworn peace officers, 68 Corrections staff and 36 professional staff.

Our main office is located on the second floor of the Eric Rood Government Center in Nevada City. We have outgrown our space at the Rood Center and operate several off-site locations throughout Nevada County to provide public safety services. Our Regional Training and Dispatch Center is located on Highway 49, a mile north of the main office. Our Sheriff’s Property Unit is also located on Highway 49, just south of the main office.

Overcrowding in the jail located at the County Courthouse in downtown Nevada City led to a new jail built in the early 1990’s. We moved into a modern jail, the Wayne Brown Correctional Facility, located at the Rood Center Government Center. Our Truckee Jail, located with our Truckee Administrative office on Donner Pass Rd, is a small 12-person jail designed for pre-arraignment detainees during their first 96-hours of incarceration.

The Nevada City Courthouse, built in 1937, with an Annex built in 1964 has plans for a new construction facility on the Highway 49 corridor scheduled for 2024/2025.