Firewise Community Grants


In 2022, Nevada County made 26 grants of $3,600 available to provide support to Firewise Communities as they worked to reduce the overabundance of hazardous vegetation in their neighborhoods, in particular in the aftermath of the severe winter storm that struck the area on December 27, 2021. 

Nevada County contracted with Sierra Business Council to administer the application and provide technical assistance.  

This project won a National Association of Counties (NACo) Award – details here: NACo Achievement Awards: Firewise Communities Microgrant Program



  • Banner Mountain Firewise Community
  • Burma Firewise Community (2)
  • Greater Dalmatian-174 Firewise Community
  • Greenhorn Firewise Community 
  • Harmony Firewise Community
  • Hyatt-Blue Sage Firewise Community (2)
  • Jones Bar Firewise Community
  • Juniper Hill Firewise Community
  • Kentucky Flat Firewise Community
  • Lake Vera Round Mountain Firewise Community
  • Lower Colfax Firewise Community (2)
  • Montezuma Ridge West Firewise Community
  • Old Mill Firewise Community
  • Outer Jackass Flats Firewise Community
  • Salmon Mine-East Sages Firewise Community
  • Scott's Flat Pines Firewise Community
  • Sherwood Forest Firewise Community
  • Sierra Hills Firewise Community
  • Squirrel Creek Ranches Firewise Community (2)
  • West End Donner Lake Firewise Committee
  • You Bet Firewise Community (2)


Micro-Grants funded collaborative projects providing community-wide benefits, such as renting a chipper for community use, contracting for transportation of downed vegetation to processing sites, renting equipment, or hiring a contractor to clear evacuation routes on private roadways.  In sum: 

  • 10 grants were awarded for roadside vegetation abatement projects 
  • 7 grants supported defensible space 
  • 5 grants were used to address hazardous vegetation 
  • 4 grants went toward the purchase of equipment 

Project Timeline

August 15, 2022-December 31, 2022

Roadmap to Reslience

Hyatt-Blue Sage Firewise Community Micro Grant
Red_Dog_Micro Grant_4 Nevada County
Red_Dog_Micro Grant_2 Nevada County

Project Funders & Partners

Nevada County received funding from the League of California Community Foundations’ Disaster Relief, Recovery and Resilience Funds with support from the Tahoe Truckee Community Foundation to administer directly to National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) recognized Firewise Communities. Firewise Community Micro Grant

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