June 7th, 2022 Direct Primary Election Results

Election Night

California Elections Code Sections 15150-15152 require elections officials to report initial results immediately after the close of polls on Election Night, and to continue reporting results every 2 hours until all voting locations report in. 

As is routine for every election, Nevada County will tabulate the Unofficial Results on Election Night and will begin releasing those results shortly after the close of polls at 8 p.m. and after the County reports these results to the California Secretary of State. Each report will be posted to this page and will include cumulative results, results by consolidated precinct, and detailed vote totals. We will reach out when Election Night updates are available. Reasonable accommodations can be made for reporters who appear in person who would like printed copies of election results.

The canvass of the election will begin on Thursday, June 9, 2022. The details of the election canvass are provided for in our Notice of Election. As is usually the case, the Registrar of Voters will provide periodic updates to the County election results every 2-3 days. We will have more specifics once the elections canvass begins.