County Executive Office


This office is responsible to the Board of Supervisors for the proper and efficient administration of all County offices, departments, institutions and special districts under the jurisdiction of the County of Nevada. That is, we manage the operations of the many departments within the County government so they can properly provide services to our citizens.

The County website should make it easy for you to find the government services you need. Our departments are here to assist you and answer questions, however, there are times when the County Executive Office is the right place to contact.

Americans With Disabilities Act

Read more about our Americans with Disabilities Act compliance.

Budget Portal

Review the information about the County Budget, Budget Calendar, and County Goals and Objectives.

Citizen's Academy

Citizen's Academy is a ten-week course acquainting community members with County services and functions. Find course documents or apply to be a participant in the upcoming session.

Nevada County News

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Public Information & Community Engagement

Nevada County's Public Information Officer is responsible for the planning, organization, and implementation of the County's public information and activities. Learn more about the Public Information Officer.

Youth Leadership Award

Nominate an outstanding youth leader to receive recognition from the Board of Supervisors for their outstanding achievements.