Measure V

Wildfire Prevention, Emergency Services and Disaster Readiness Measure

Provided for informational purposes only. Nevada County does not advocate a yes or no vote on any candidate or measure.

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Designed to Save Lives

As wildfires become more frequent and more destructive, heat events become increasingly common, and climate uncertainties mean more risk of droughts, floods, and extreme weather events, Nevada County must be well prepared for ongoing natural disasters. 

Measure V responds to appeals from Nevada County residents for community-wide solutions to better protect their families, homes, and businesses. If passed by the voters, Measure V would generate approximately $12 million annually through a half-cent sales tax for critical emergency services and other general government services. A 1/2% sales tax would add 50 cents to a $100 purchase, and the tax would not be applied to food purchased as groceries or prescription medications. All revenue would be locally controlled with funds that cannot be taken by the state. This general sales tax would end after 10 years. 

Responsive to Community PrioritiesMeasure V Fact Sheet Opens in new window

Prevent wildfires

Remove flammable brush countywide from our roads, neighborhoods, around our cities and town, and near critical infrastructure.

Improve evacuation routes

Get residents out safely and get first responders in quickly during an emergency--when minutes count.

Enhance emergency communications

Improve early warning and 911 response to quickly notify residents during a natural disaster.

Enforce fire safety laws

Help law enforcement keep our parks, forests, trails, and public areas free of illegal campfires and safe for everyone.

Help low-income seniors and people with disabilities

Assist with emergency preparedness, evacuation planning, defensible space, and home hardening.

Provide green waste disposal options

Expand chipping programs, free year-round green waste disposal sites, and burn pile training.

Measure V will raise $12M annually for high-impact projects such as:

$8M to Clear Evacuation Routes

  • Protect communities with large-scale fuel breaks
  • Provide free year-round green waste disposal sites
  • Assist older adults and people with disabilities to clear brush
  • Flammable Brush Removal

$3M to Improve Early Warning and Alert Systems

  • Enhance local AM/FM radio infrastructure
  • Expand shelter capacity for residents, pets, and livestock
  • Communications and Disaster Resources

$1M to Create Countywide Disaster Plans

  • Expand community education and outreach programs
  • Enforce fire safety laws to prevent illegal campfires

Accountability and Transparency Built In

Priorities Recommended by Experts

A Technical Advisory Committee composed of emergency services and other community experts would recommend funding priorities for Supervisors' approval as part of the County's annual budget process.

Funds Monitored by County Residents

The Board-appointed Citizens Oversight Committee would report annually to the public on the receipt and expenditures of Measure V funds.

Revenue Kept Separate

Measure V revenue and expenses would be recorded in separate accounts distinct from other County general funds and would be subject to independent annual audits.

Information Accessible to the Public

Contract opportunities, awards, and audit reports would be posted on a dedicated website.

Measure V Will Be on the November 8, 2022 General Election Ballot

Measure V Ballot Question

To maintain critical County of Nevada services with locally controlled funding that cannot be taken by the State, such as: wildfire prevention / emergency preparedness; reducing flammable brush countywide; improving evacuation routes; preventing illegal campfires; helping seniors / disabled residents maintain defensible space; enhancing emergency communications, early warning / 911 response; and for general government use; shall the County of Nevada measure establishing 1/2% sales tax, providing $12,000,000 annually for ten years, with citizen oversight /audits, be adopted?

  • Yes 
  • No

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