Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) Pilot Program

Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) Pilot Program Purpose

The purpose of this pilot program focuses on un-permitted cannabis cultivation within Nevada County. The program benefits include improved staff safety, efficiency and more effectiveness, and supporting the community complaint-driven process. In 2020, the Cannabis Compliance division received 167 complaints. But due to sight obstructions and barriers, 32% of the sites remain unverifiable. This program aims to add another tool in the enforcement of unpermitted cannabis grows. 

UAS Procedure Example

  • Neighborhood complaint received.
  • Staff will attempt to inspect from publicly accessible areas, reporting party's parcel, or another vantage point.
  • UAS operation plan approved by the division Director.
  • Certified staff member operates UAS vertically from the publicly accessible areas, being mindful of neighborhood privacy, noise, nuisances. Flight not to exceed 400 feet. 
  • If no violation is observed, no photos are taken, and flight is ended. If violations are observed, necessary photos of the violation only are taken. 
  • UAS is returned to the operator and inspection is ended.

    Staff flying UAS straight up 400 ft over public road to see over fences, trees, rv/campers.

UAS Documents