Roadside Vegetation Control - "No Spray" Agreement

Roadside Vegetation Management "No-Spray" Agreements

County Road Maintenance Division oversees vegetation management within designated rights-of-way on county-maintained roads. Throughout any given season, crews will trim and remove trees, brush, and weeds for fire safety and preparedness.  Vegetation management includes spraying of weed-killing pesticides within the right-of-way.

An  Owner/Applicant may request that the County not spray within the right-of-way adjacent to their parcel/property by completing and submitting a Roadside Vegetation Control Agreement, also known as a No-Spray Agreement. The Owner/Applicant agrees to control the weeds along all the roadsides adjacent to the legal land descriptions listed on the application.  The County will post a “No Spray” sign at either end of the property within 4 weeks of approval of the agreement. There is no cost to the Owner/Applicant.

In consideration of the foregoing, the Road Maintenance Division will make all reasonable attempts not to use spray methods fronting the lands described within the agreement.  If there is a lack of weed control, the Road Maintenance Division reserves the right to perform control measures on the weds after consultation with the Owner/Applicant. 

The agreement does not cover brush and/or tree control within the designated right-of-ways, which remains the responsibility of the Road Maintenance Division. The trees and brush will be removed by mechanical means by the municipality when scheduled and the applicant will be responsible to maintain any re-growth by mowing.  "Restricted" weeds are exempt from the Agreement and have to be eradicated upon identification.  For further definitions of "Restricted" weeds please refer to the California Department of Food and Agricultures Noxious Weeds page.

 Agreements are good for two years from the date signed. It is the Owner/Applicants responsibility to resubmit an application.  DPW does not notify Owners/Applicants of the impending expiration of agreements. 

 The Owner/Applicant shall indemnify and hold harmless the Department of Public Works, its employees, and agents of all claims, demands, actions, and requests whatsoever that may arise directly or indirectly from the carrying out of this agreement.

Submit Agreement

  1. Roadside Vegetation Control Agreement (aka No-Spray Agreement)
  2. Completed and signed agreements can be returned to:
    Department of Public Works
    950 Maidu Avenue
    Nevada CIty, CA 95959
  3. Once received, expect 4-6 weeks for signage to be posted. To ensure the agreement is received and processed prior to the spraying season, please submit the agreements by March 31st.