Book an Appointment

CDA highly recommends scheduling an appointment or checking in virtually from home or the job site on your way in. Appointments are recommended if you have a specific question or concern. This ensures the right staff person is in the office and not out in the field when you visit. 


Monday - FridayCalendar
Open from 8:00 am - 5:00 pm  
New Project Submittals: 8:00 am – 3:30 pm

Virtual Check-In

You may check-in virtually with each department. This is ideal for general questions, concerns, and permit assistance. This will hold your space in line while you make your way to the Rood Center in Nevada City. If you have a specific question on a topic, please see below and book an appointment. 

To Book An Appointment

If you have any additional questions or prefer to book an appointment to meet on a specific topic with a specific department, please give us a call. You may book an online appointment for the Building Department.

DepartmentPhone NumberDepartment Dial Option
General Information(530) 265-12220
Agricultural Commissioner(530) 265-1222
Building Department
(530) 265-1222
Cannabis Compliance
(530) 265-1222
Code Compliance(530) 265-1222
Environmental Health(530) 265-12223
Planning Department(530) 265-1222
Public Works(530) 265-1222