Parking Citations

Common Citation Amounts
ViolationDescriptionAmountWith Late Fees
4000 (a) VCExpired Registration on parked vehicle$62.00$147.00
5200/5201 CVC or 26708 (a)(1)
Equipment Violation- missing license plates or tinted front windows, etc.
1182 NCO
No Parking Anytime
40203.5 VC
No Parking at Edwards or Purdon Crossing
5091.15 PRC
Non-Permitted Snow-park parking

Paying a Parking Citation

If a citee is unable to pay the citation in full contact the Collections Division to discuss payment arrangements. Financial evaluations will be reviewed by our office to determine your ability to pay.  Please complete this form as per the instruction sheet.  Our office will notify you in writing of our determination after carefully reviewing your application and the required supporting documents you submitted.

Financial Evaluation Instruction Sheet

Fillable Financial Evaluation

Ways to Pay

Pay online at Professional Credit. To use this service the Citation Number associated to the citee must be entered. If you need assistance logging into the payment portal call 866-320-6527.

To pay by mail, do not send cash, make the check or money order payable to The Collections Division and mail along with a copy of the original citation to: Nevada County Collections PO Box 599002 Nevada City, CA 95959-7902

Not the Registered Vehicle Owner?

If you received a notice regarding a parking, registration, or equipment violation and you were not the registered owner of the vehicle on the date the citation was written, please complete and return this Affidavit on Non-Ownership/Liability form to our office as per the instructions on the notice.

Affidavit of Non-Ownership or Non-Liability