I Love a Clean Nevada County, Don't LitterThe Nevada County Adopt-A-Road Volunteer Program is an opportunity for individuals and groups to actively participate in keeping Nevada County roads free of litter.  

The County supports these volunteers by placing recognition signs along the stretch of roads being cleaned, providing equipment, training, and trash pickup.  Groups simply commit to four scheduled pickups per year. 

For more information on adopting a road contact the Nevada County Department of Public Works at (530) 265-1411.  Administrative staff will provide you with further details on how to get an application started and if the road of choice is currently available.

Why Use Volunteers?

Even though funding for "non-emergency" items is decreasing, the amount of litter in our County increases as our population increases.  This volunteer program is a way to maintain litter-free County roads despite the fluctuations in funding. 

Volunteers can be: 

  • Individuals
  • Non-political organizations
  • Businesses
  • Combinations of the above
  • Volunteers must be at least 18 years of age

What Are The Rewards?

  • It is fun and educational
  • It is a worthwhile cause
  • It promotes community pride
  • It saves taxpayer dollars
  • It provides recognition for work
  • It cleans up litter

How Does the County Help?

The County is very supportive of citizens getting involved in keeping County roadways free of litter.  In order to demonstrate its support the County:

  • Issues volunteer safety gear and training
  • Supplies free trash bags & disposes of collected trash for 4 pickups per year.
  • Permits at no charge 
  • Installs recognition signs
  • Requires no special insurance to participate. 
  • Provides a volunteer resource page for established and approved Volunteer Groups with forms
  • Picks Up bags and allows for scheduling events online through our online Service Request
    • Click on Submit Service Request
    • Next, scroll down and click on Adopt-A-Road 
    • Then select either Request a Cleanup or Request a Bag pickup. 
    • Enter all requested information and click on submit. 

Adoptable Road List for Nevada County

Public Works Administrative Staff will work with volunteers to match up road sections with volunteer preferences.  If a road section is already adopted or is not on the list of roads approved for adoption volunteers will be asked to select another road section. 

Any volunteer group may adopt a minimum of one mile of County Roadway. Renewal privileges are not automatic, however, if other volunteers are on the waiting list. 

Roads for Adoption