Fire Safety Power Outages for PG&E Customers

In June 2018, PG&E announced that, as a part of their wildfire safety efforts, they will possibly be turning off power temporarily for safety when extreme fire danger conditions occur such as Red Flag Warning days. They are alerting residents of this possibility with mailed letters to residents' homes to let them know that, although they are considering this possibility, they would only consider temporarily turning off power in the interest of safety, and as a last resort during extreme weather conditions.

What can I do to be prepared?

Visit to update your contact information. By keeping your information up to date, PG&E will be able to inform you about events affecting your service, including the possible need to temporarily turn off power for safety reasons. Make sure your email, phone number, language preference and mailing address are current in your online account.

PG&E recommends that customers take a look at the California Public Utilities Commission's High Fire-Threat District map to see if they live in a high fire-threat area. Most, if not all, of the more densely populated areas of Nevada County are identified as a Tier 2 - Elevated or a Tier 3 - Extreme fire-threat area.

PG&E has also created a Community Wildfire Safety program that provides the public information about how to stay emergency-ready and safe during an outage. The website provides information on the program, why PG&E is considering shutting off power for safety, and how the public can prepare.

An important part of any emergency planning is to create a thorough emergency plan and practice with your family. Every year, Nevada County OES partners with public safety and fire agencies on a Fire Season Guide, which contains information and checklists for emergency planning. Make sure you and your family are signed up for CodeRED emergency alerts, are familiar with your neighborhood and possible exit routes, and have a Go Bag ready in case of an emergency event.

Will I be alerted beforehand?

PG&E is asking customers to update their contact information on their website. They have also recognized that Nevada County OES is a critical partner in emergency response and communications, and will reach out to Nevada County about any potential plans to shut off power for public safety reasons. Remember to subscribe to CodeRED emergency alerts for emergency notifications from Nevada County.

How do I get in contact with PG&E with my questions or concerns?

PG&E customers can email any questions to