Information Technology Governance

The Board adopting our 3 year ICT strategic plan is developed as part of our user centric IT governance model. The core element of the User Centric Model is the development of an organizational concept referred to as Communities of Interest (COI) for information technology. Six COIs have been created to encompass 25+ separate County departments and other public agencies. The COI becomes the focal point for IT project submittal, review, prioritization, funding allocation and general follow-up and oversight. The purpose of establishing a User Centric Strategy is to assure that control of the direction and responsibility for the success of information technology is in the hands of the business managers and the users of the technology. As a process, this User Centric Strategy brings the County’s technology stakeholders together with a common purpose to:

  • Define the roles, responsibility and interrelationships for IT related projects
  • Focus and prioritize IT investment and reinvestment needs,
  • Establish the policies to guide technology investment

Each February, the IT Governance Board updates and prioritizes the pending list of countywide IT projects. During the course of the year, departments must submit a project request form which goes through the IT project management division, reviewed by IT managers, then brought to the ISSB IT Governance board for approval and prioritization prior to being brought to the Board for approval.