Dog Licensing - Why & How To

In addition to keeping yourself in compliance with County Ordinances and State Laws, a dog license can be your pet’s ticket home if he becomes lost.

Nevada County Dog Licenses may be purchased on line, by mail or in person. For 24/7 on line access please visit PetData for more information or call toll free 855-884-9551. The license application (PDF) is available online.

What is Needed

You will need the following:
  • Proof of a current rabies vaccination with at least one year left until expiration. A license cannot be valid beyond the expiration of your rabies vaccination, so a license term will not be valid for the entire 1, 2 or 3 year period if the rabies vaccination expires earlier. If your rabies is going to expire within the next 4 months, we recommend having your dog re-vaccinated prior to applying for a new license.
  • Proof of spay or neuter is also good to include as this will greatly reduce the cost of your license.
If you choose to visit the Animal Control Office in person, please do not bring your dog with you.

We can issue one, two or three year licenses. The only requirement is that the dog has a rabies vaccination that will be good for the duration of the license. For questions unrelated to Animal Licensing, please contact the animal control Unit at 530-265-1471.


Fees are as follows:
  • Spayed or Neutered Dog:
    • 1 Year: $17.00
    • 2 Year: $31.00
    • 3 Year: $40.00
  • Unaltered Dog (not Spayed or Neutered):
    • 1 Year: $40.00
    • 2 Years: $75.00
    • 3 Years: $107.00
    *All new tags are $7.00 each.

Mailing Payment

If you choose to license your dog through the mail, please enclose a check and the required documentation.
The mailing address is:
Nevada County Animal Licensing
c/o PetData
P.O. Box 141929
Irving, TX 75014-1929​