Animal Control Operations

Animal Control Officers are employed to protect animals from improper use, abuse, neglect and inhumane treatment while protecting citizens of Nevada County from annoyance, intimidation, injury and property damage by animals. The goal of Nevada County Animal Control Officers is to educate the public on responsible pet ownership and enforce animal laws as needed.


Nevada County Animal Control deals with issues related to domestic animals. Duties of the Animal Control Officers include:
  • Impounding stray animals or animals running at large
  • Investigation of nuisance complaints, like barking dogs
    • Barking Dog Log (PDF) can be filled out and faxed or mailed to Nevada County Animal Control for follow up.
    • For first time offenses the subject will be mailed a notice of complaint
  • Investigating animal bites and enforcing animal quarantines
  • Humane euthanization of rabies infected animals
  • Humane euthanization of injured deer and wildlife
  • Sending samples of rabies suspect animals to a lab for testing
  • Enforcement of dog licensing and rabies vaccination laws
  • Maintaining a Dog Licensing Program (PetData)
  • Issuing warnings and citations for violation of local (County Codes) and state animal control law
  • Filing complaints with the District Attorney's Office for misdemeanor and felony violations
  • Acting as a liaison to the press regarding animal related matters
  • Providing educational information to the public