So you are considering buying an undeveloped or developed parcel, what are my options?

Keep that in mind that every project is different. The Community Development Agency staff is available to help you all along the way. No matter what you read here or elsewhere, don't make assumptions and always ask questions.

Buying Your Parcel ( developed or not)

The Planning Department will assist you with obtaining your zoning classification and designated setbacks, which will determine what and where you can build on your parcel. Also, they can help you with requirements for accessing your parcel and the creation of your driveway. Verify these before designing your plans. There are many other issues, especially concerning what you can and can't do with a particular piece of property, such as livestock, second dwellings, and industrial home businesses, which all have their own restrictions.
The Environmental Health Department will assist you with the development of the well and septic for the site. A perk & mantle test also known as an on-site soils evaluation (OSSE) will determine where to install the septic system and what type of system the property can support. Will the well supply enough water to support development? Can I add a bedroom to my house? Do I need to modify my septic design? What if I want to build a second dwelling? You can refer to the Land Use Division of Environmental Health to answer all your well and septic questions. 

You will also need to contact outside agencies or our Public Works Department during the research phase. How much will it cost to bring power to my parcel? You can contact our local PG&E office at 530.477.3244 to inquire. If I am not served by a well or septic, who is my service provider? Nevada Irrigation District (NID) provides water to parcels in Nevada County. Their website will provide information on service connections.  In addition, there are some established communities such as Lake Wildwood and Lake of the Pines that have their own sewer systems. You can contact the Public Works Department to obtain information on those service connections.

Research your parcel

Geographic Information System - Mapping tool for accessing permit history, snow load, zoning designation, and more

Public Records Request - Tool to request land-use records for your parcel