All Appointed Officials

Appointed Officials in County of Nevada Government are appointed department and agency heads, and do not include elected officials. They are listed below, with links to their home pages, and are shown in the County Organizational Chart (PDF).

Chris de NijsChris de Nijs (Agricultural Commissioner): The Agricultural Commissioner is responsible for Pest, weed, and disease control, product quality monitoring, pesticide safety and use, weights and measures, and wildlife.

Behavioral-Health---Phebe-BellPhebe Bell (Behavioral Health): The mission of the Nevada County Behavioral Health Department is to provide high quality, culturally competent mental health and substance abuse treatment services to Nevada County Residents.

Craig GriesbachCraig Griesbach (Building Inspection) Where to begin if you’re thinking about a construction project! Information on permits, inspections, and regulations, plus lots of downloadable brochures and forms are all available here.

Social-Services---Mike-DentMike Dent (Child Support Services): Sierra Nevada Regional Department of Child Support Services (SNRDCSS) provides the following services: Establishing paternity, Locating a parent to establish paternity and/or child support and enforcing child support payment, Establishing, modifying and enforcing a court order to pay child support, Collecting and distributing child and spousal support payments, and Establishing and enforcing medical support (including dental and vision care) and family support orders.

Clerk-of-the-Board---Julie-Patterson-HunterJulie Patterson-Hunter (Clerk of the Board): The Clerk of the Board is the official keeper of documents, agendas, minutes and administrative contracts for the Board of Supervisors, the Nevada County Housing Authority, the Nevada County Sanitation District No. 1, and the Assessment Appeals Board.

TrishaTillotson - ContactPhotoTrisha Tillotson (Community Development Agency): The Community Development Agency (CDA) is comprised of five major departments and the Farm Advisor Division. The five major departments include Agricultural Commissioner, Building, Environmental Health, Planning, and Public Works.

Kit Elliott (County Counsel): The mission of the County Counsel’s Office is to provide high quality legal services to the Board of Supervisors, County Executive Officers, and other County departments and elected officials, as well as dependent special districts.

Alison_LehmanAlison Lehman (County Executive Officer): This office is responsible to the Board of Supervisors for the proper and efficient administration of all County offices, departments, institutions and special districts under the jurisdiction of the County of Nevada. That is, we manage the operations of the many departments within the County government so they can properly provide services to our citizens.

Rachel Roos-WebsiteRachel Roos (Department of Social Services): The mission of the Department of Social Services (DSS) is opening doors, building community, and being of service to County citizens needing social, eligibility, or employment and training services.

Amy IraniAmy Irani (Environmental Health): The Nevada County Department of Environmental Health is the local implementing agency for a diverse range of state and local laws affecting the public health of the citizens and visitors of Nevada County. The water you drink, the food you eat, businesses where you buy gasoline or have your automobiles serviced and land that is developed are all within the scope of services provided by the department.


Cindy Fake (Farm Advisor): The Farm Advisor Division is a division of the Community Development Agency. Some important related programs include the UC Cooperative Extension, Master Gardeners of Nevada County, UC Cooperative Extension Placer/Nevada, and 4-H of Nevada County.

ContactPhoto_RyanGruverRyan Gruver (Health and Human Services Agency): Nevada County’s Health and Human Services Agency (HHSA) is one of the larger agencies within the county with a budget of over $55 million and 175 employees. Its mission is to improve, promote and protect the health of residents and support and encourage their self-sufficiency in partnership with community members, nonprofit agencies, businesses and other institutions, including other branches of government.

Steve MonaghanSteve Monaghan (Information and General Services): The Information and General Services Agency maintains vital infrastructure and related services that enable county employees to serve the citizens of Nevada County. There is a framework of support services provided by the organization as well as direct core community services.

Nick Wilczek (Nevada County Library): The Nevada County Library system consists of six library locations. Five of the branches are circulating branches; two of the six locations are station libraries and one is a reference library staffed by the Friends of the Nevada County Libraries experienced volunteers. The Madelyn Helling Library is the main branch library housing the administrative services for the library department.

Brian FossBrian Foss (Planning): To apply community land use policies while striving to meet the needs of the individual and business. In meeting these needs, it is our goal to protect the environment in order to ensure that Nevada County remains a desirable place to live, work, and recreate.

Jeff Goldman (Chief Probation Officer): Protection of the community, investigation and preparation of court reports, supervision and enforcement of court directives, and providing services to victims of crime. This mission is carried out through intervention, prevention, suppression, rehabilitation and assistance programs that promote law-abiding responsible behavior in the clients we serve and restoration to victims of crime.

Keri KleinKeri Klein (Public Defender) The Public Defender's Office provides legal defense for those facing criminal allegations who are financially unable to retain an attorney. The Public Defender's Office also provides legal representation for indigent persons involved in civil conservatorships and child support actions.

Jill BlakeJill Blake (Public Health) The Mission of the Nevada County Public Health Department is to work both as a single entity and in coalition with other health and human service providers to prevent disease, promote health, and prolong and improve the quality of life for all Nevada County residents.

Public Works - Panos Kokkas - ContactPhotoPanos Kokkas (Public Works): Department of Public Works consists of the following divisions: Engineering, Road Maintenance, Fleet Services, Solid Waste, Wastewater, and Transit.