As-Built Permit Process

When you purchase or construct a building without the benefit of plans, a permit, and inspections, the structure may not be in compliance with Building Codes and may, in fact, be unsafe. The purpose of the Building Codes is to establish minimum requirements to safeguard public health, safety, and general welfare. 


The "as-built" permitting process will bring your project into compliance with the Building Codes. The Community Development Agency is committed to helping you with this process. The presentation (available below) walks through the process step by step to help alleviate some of the confusion. Please do not hesitate to contact the Agency with any questions or concerns you may have. 


As-Built Process Video Video

  • Watch the as-built permit process video.
  • Tips to view:
    • Select "open" from the dialog box that pops up.
    • To exit full screen hit escape on your keyboard. 
    • To view the presentation again click on the replay button.